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A House Divided Cannot Stand!

I am on LinkedIn and someone I follow wrote a column in the Jerusalem Post.

One sentence out of the column,

"Rabbis and other communal figures should speak up – as many have – when radical figures exploit religious texts to justify their extremism."

My thoughts about it

I firmly believe in the G-d of Avraham Yitzchak and Ya'acov.

What however, has always struck me is that when our people left Egypt and the sojourners went with them, they had complete freedom to do it. Only when Pesach came did G-d make it clear that they could only do this celebrate when they were circumcised.

Not? Also good, but then they were not allowed to celebrate it with G-d's people..

FREEDOM Of Choice!

Very important. Even now in our time. But Israel is HIS land and we are HIS people.

Now as for the hate. If there's one thing that never, ever offers a solution, it's hate!

And what I read here gives me the shivers. Even children and young ones from both parties

are open to violence.

Despite of all the fighting, all the hatred, we need to be peacemakers.

And never ever forget that without HIM we are nothing.

But there are among our people, who want a Nation like all the other Nations, they do not want the Rabbi's and the Judaism.

I have seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears. This is for certain not the way, it will only get worse then.

Because we are not as other nations. But set apart for HIM, who made us, and gave us this land.

"For the land is mine. For you are strangers and sojourners with me"

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; May those who love you find serenity.

May there be wellbeing within your ramparts, serenity in your citadels.

Tehillim 122:6–7

No matter what the world says or thinks, it is HIS land and we are HIS people.

Without G-d we are NOTHING! Prayerful TRUTH Torah RULES , but never ever forced,

or imposed by other people.

Balance however is needed in this entire matter.

A house divided cannot stand!

Because of the political division, between Judaism and those who do not want religion in politics, the ones who hate us, see their chance to drive us further into the abyss.

And then the matter of the ground, it is not ours it is HIS!

What we need is those who hear HIM speak! Who can share HIS wisdom ( Solomon's wisdom) so we can be sure that G-d is on our side.

The Law of Redemption

23 The land must not be sold permanently, because it is Mine, and you are but foreigners and residents with Me. 24 Thus for every piece of property you possess, you must provide for the redemption of the land.…Leviticus 25:23

A Gut Shabbes! May HIS Shalom fill our hearts and houses! ~~ Mamme D'Vorah

GUT SHABBES BELOVEDS, ♦🐝D'Vorah Pnina🐝♦ (דבורה) Meijer


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