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Crossing The Bridge

July 3, 2024

I want to share something today, maybe someone knows the answer... You have hardcore anti-Semitics, we all have seen the hatred in the news, the protests, the attacks, after Oktober 7th 2023, but I now notice that there are also people who do not come to the fore and attend protest marches, but still have something against Jews.

I have been back on LinkedIn for a few months now after having been in "retirement" for a while.

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DNA Star Of David
DNA Star Of David

Today, I want to share a personal journey that has profoundly impacted my life. A journey of almost 20 years wherein I discovered my Jewish heritage—a revelation that has brought both joy and challenges.

As I explored old photographs, I felt a deep connection to my ancestors. Their stories, struggles, and resilience became a part of me. With newfound pride, I embraced my Hebrew name and openly declared my identity as a proud Jew.

To my surprise I found notes from a number of former connections, who could actually be called friends, in which they either expressed their support for what I had to go through, or even had a word for me from Hashem.

I happily went to LinkedIn to see if they were still there and wrote to them with a copy of their own written words to me and with the story in which I indicate that I am now a proud Jew in all openness.

I still have a few to go, who probably have not been online yet, but the reactions I have had now do not lie.

If rejection had been a taste, it now tastes bitter on my tongue. Just say that you have no interest in renewing your acquaintance. Or just say straight up that you don't want anything to do with Jews. With one person I was shot from great heights to the deepest valleys.

The very person who had sent such a warm message before I left LinkedIn, wrote me an answer, cold as ice. I do wonder now, if I had not changed anything, had not started using my Hebrew name, had simply introduced myself as the person who left LinkedIn at that time, would the summer at that time have simply been extended?

I wonder: If I hadn’t changed anything—kept my old name, stayed in the shadows—would our interactions have been different? Could the friendships of that period, have extended indefinitely?

Yet, I’ve come to realize that authenticity matters.

Revealing my Jewish roots is an essential part of my journey, and most important part, of who I am!

As I reach out to others, I focus on connection, which has an element in it, of uplifting each other, and support each other.

At the other hand, the positive news is, that sometimes, rejection leads us into unexpected, more genuine relationships.

I feel stuck in the middle now, somehow, my journey with old non-Jews relations has - in some cases- reached the end, while find real friendship with Jews, not even has started.

May our paths be filled with understanding, compassion, and acceptance, regardless of our roots.

And to my old friends I just want to say, "Okay I am sure of my roots now, yes, I am a proud Jew, the warmth we've both have experienced in a genuine friendship, could have continued, the only thing that is changed is my origine. O and my name. But I am still me, perhaps even a better version, because finding your roots, brings a new glow a new perspective and a deeper connection with one's soul. You just rejected the best part of me, then I can decide with a clean sleeve, that it is probably the best thing for me to close the door to the past, and as Alice in wonderland, enjoy the foretaste of an exciting new journey with a good chance to meet beautiful new people!"

D'Vorah Pnina Meijer
D'Vorah Pnina Meijer

Warm regards, D'Vorah Pnina Meijer.


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