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For Such A Time As This

I was a child when the LORD said, "when the world is almost at its end, and people become afraid, your time of blossoming begins."

I had no idea that so many years later HE would take me on a journey where I would discover that I am a Jewess. Due to forced conversions in the family line, it has either remained a closely guarded secret or people have really lost their way.

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Yesterday was a holiday. Last July I had my Hebrew name made official by the court. On July 19, I got the message that it had been approved. This was followed by a waiting period of three months during which I could still change my mind and family could also contest it. (My family is Of Blessed Memory)

Yesterday my Hebrew name was officially registered.

What a special timeline HaShem has. In my feed alone today it is full of messages of hatred against Jews. But like Esther, I must rise in the heat of battle and let HIM lead me where He wants me to open my mouth.

Not easy yet, because partly of the forced conversions I grew up with Christian norms and values, as an adult I came to a deep conversion and I was baptized, but the moment I entered the synagogue, the moment my feet touched the ground of the homeland, I was enveloped in a strong conviction that I am Jewish. With heart and soul.

Which also confirms part of my vocation, the unity between Jew and Christian. The unity within Judaism, where we now, partly due to the arrival of Jews from such different backgrounds in Israel, not always easily experience or see that unity.

But one thing is certain, I was born for a time like this.

So you no longer have to ask me whether it is wise to confirm my Jewishness with my Hebrew name now. For my answer is YES with all my heart and soul! NOW is the time to stand up and fight under the guidance of my G-d, to not be ashamed that we are Jews, and not to hide what we stand for.

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D'Vorah Pnina Meijer


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