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Every Jew possesses a “spark” of the Divine within them. But some need to be awaken. Menachem Mendel Schneerson, also known as the Lubavitcher Rebbe


Do you want your Isaac ( promise of G-d without your help) or an Ishmael 

( promise of G-d but you create something with the help of your fleshly way of thinking, acting or support, so called fleshly solutions) If you want to reach this deep faith you need MORE of HIM which is LESS of YOU! 

So your first Isaac ( miracle promise) represents a circumcised heart.

A change from a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. 

2 Kings 4: 18 When the child was old enough, he went out one day to be with his father, who was with the reapers. 19 Suddenly he cried out to his father,  >>>“My head! My head hurts!”<<<<<< 

Metaphor for my head is filled with the pain and thoughts out of my flesh! 

War inside of our head between Ruach Ha'Kodesh and Flesh. 

His Kingdom and the World

2 kings 4: 29 Then Elisha said to Geichazi, “Get dressed for action, take my staff in your hand, and be on your way. If you meet anyone, don’t greet him; if anyone greets you, don’t answer; and lay my staff on the child’s face.” 30 The mother of the child said, “As G-d lives, and as you live, I will not leave you. He got up and followed her. 31 Geichazi went on ahead of them and laid the staff on the child’s face, but there was no sound or sign of life. So he went back to Elisha and told him, “The child didn’t wake up.”

Meaning of Geichazi  "valley of vision," servant of Elisha

Original Word: גֵּיחֲזִי

Is a metaphor spiritual speaking:

The Staff represents for us: PRAYER. During prayer we are in the valley of vision we know HIS promise (s) and we see it on our spiritual eye!

The servant of Elisha laid the staff on the face of the child meaning:

You can pray but if you are not living in Ruach Ha'Kodesh only, without any form of fleshly thinking you will not move, meaning you will not see miracles you are still a sleep!

When the Ruach Ha`Kodesh speaks through you not one word will come back in vain! 

Please understand when you come to the end of self you die spiritual speaking and G-d will give you the of breath of life! But Our way of THINKING needs to stop and must change in HIS way of thinking the mind of G-d before we can properly walk and live in HIS Ruach completely. ( If you pray out of your flesh instead of out of His Ruach Ha'Kodesh you still are not living in HIS Ruach Ha'Kodesh and fruit is not there.

( “The child didn’t wake up.”) 

There is more to say about this but I feel I need to leave it upon here in this teaching.


32 When Elisha reached the house, there the child was, dead and laid on the bed. 33 He went in, shut the door on the two of them and prayed to G-d. 34 Then he got up on the bed and lay on top of the child, putting his mouth on his mouth, his eyes on his eyes and his hands on his hands. As he stretched himself out on the child, its flesh began to grow warm. 

Is a metaphor spiritual speaking: HIS word must come out of your mouth, changing your way of thinking into the Mind of G-d. 

His hands His Eyes covered totally with HIS Ruach Ha’Kodesh HIS BREATH.

Through prayer and teachings/studies turning away from the world pressing in to His Kingdom. 

35 Then he went down, walked around in the house awhile, went back up and stretched himself out on the child again. The child sneezed seven times, then opened his eyes.

Is a metaphor spiritual speaking: Walking around in the house as walking around the walls of Jericho. The walls of our heart need to tumble down. So we pray and pray and listen to Him as He will reveal certain roots which need to be removed. Those who are called with a task from our G-d have the responsibility to help serve the ones who need to take this journey to change from new born baby`s into adult sheep! 

Proverbs 3:11-12:

“My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline or be weary of his reproof, for the Lord reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights.”

Ruach Ha'kodesh is a term from Jewish tradition that refers to the breath of G-d.

HIS presence. Let’s explore this concept further:

Definition and Significance:

In Judaism, Ruach Hakodesh represents the divine force, quality, and influence of G-d over the universe or G-d’s creatures in specific contexts1.

The term appears in the Hebrew Bible and is associated with G-d’s presence and guidance


Scriptural References:

Genesis 2:7 describes how G-d formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, making him a living being (Neshama chaim – the soul of life)

The Rabbi’s view is that Ruach HaKodesh is the part of G-d present in every human being, emphasizing the connection between G-d and humanity.


/ʃəˈvuːəs; -əʊs; Hebrew ʃavuːˈɔt/


Word Origin

from Hebrew shābhū`ōth, plural of shābhūā` <><><> meaning week (s) 

Deuteronomy 16: 9 You are to count seven weeks; you are to begin counting seven weeks from the time you first put your sickle to the standing grain.

( Shavuot ) 

Representing The so called “seven weeks” of being cleansed and purified and going through the process of dying to self! 

There comes an end to this process as promised in Isaiah 28.

Yeshayah 28

28 Grain for lechem must be ground; because he will not ever be threshing it, nor break it with the gilgal (wheel) of his agalah (cart, wagon), nor grind it with his parash.

29 This also cometh forth from Hashem Tzva’os, Who is wonderful in etzah, and excellent in wisdom.


Isaiah 28:28 When crushing grain for bread, one doesn't thresh it forever; one drives the horse and cart wheels over it but doesn't crush it to powder. 

29 This too comes from Hashem -Tzva'ot - his counsel is wonderful, his wisdom great.

As a metaphor G-d is helping us male and female who will carry HIS Ruach HaKodesh inside of them without any hindrance of the flesh that’s why He will not purify us in such way that we are not able to serve HIM! This process will come to an end. We will walk although a "completely surrendered" life, meaning only HIS way not ours HIS glory not ours HIS work not ours!  

Hebrew meaning of seven: 

The seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called "Zayin"

(pronounced "ZAH-yeen")

1. Zayin and the Mystery behind it 

Zayin a "crowned" Vav. Vav represents "yashar," straight light from G-d to man, 

Zayin represents: returning light. the 7th letter, is the crown of Vav.  <><><> We are a crown in the hands of G-d The crown of HIS WORK INSIDE OF US! 


2.  The Gematria of Zayin

The gematria of the word Zayin is 67,  same value for binah, which means understanding. 

Psalm 67 G-d our G-d can bless us!! By our obedience and unity. 

( HIS LOVE ) unity with HIM and with our brothers and sisters.

Psalm 67: 6 The earth has yielded its harvest; may G-d, our G-d, bless us. 7 May G-d continue to bless us, so that all the ends of the earth will fear ( respect and honor) him. <<<>>>>> Which is …BEGINNING of wisdom. 

3. Zayin

Zayin  "weapon" or "sword," coming  from a root word that means "sustenance" or "nourishment." The root -zan-  appears in words like mazon, which means "food." 

The word for bread, lechem, is contained in the Hebrew word for war, milchamah:

HIS bread of Life bringing THE SWORD which represents the word which divides flesh and the Holy Breath! The war between our flesh and HIS Ruach Ha'Kodesh.

4. The number seven has always been regarded in the Jewish tradition as the number of completion, wholeness, blessing, and rest.



Isaac represents also HIS BREATH if you want to have THE RUACH HA'KODESH in your life then you need to come to the end of self. That vision iwhich is in your heart that promise you believe without a shadow of a doubt while you pray and wait and fight against the sin in your life 


Shabbat 7th day a day of rest. He is the Lord of Shabbat.

 Meaning for us: this set aside day of the Lord is a perfect day for us to receive deeper healing and growth while we study Torah which contains vitamins for our souls! 

On Shabbat when we have our meetings G-D will serve through one of His chosen vessels to give a “double portion”** of His breath to bring us deeper in His Ruach. 2 Kings 4:35 walked around in the house awhile, went back up and stretched himself out on the child again. ( twice) The child sneezed seven*** times, then opened his eyes

** We are in complete rest while our G-D appears and will bring HIS healing HIS rest. 

*** Seven has always been regarded in the Jewish tradition as the number of completion, wholeness, blessing, and rest. 

(End of fleshly thinking and behavior**) 

Metaphor spiritually speaking: **Crippled as in not completely walking in the Ruach Ha'Kodesh because of own fleshly way of thinking and speaking and so on. 


Can I Be Of Service?

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