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Just Jew It!

I must admit, I share a text from one of my most favorite Rabbis and an image of one of my favorite Achoti's. But I feel I have to do this.

I know from some of you, who I talk to behind closed doors, how the things that happen in this little world of ours affect their lives and sometimes their lifestyles.

Quote of the Rabbi: Be a shining example of a kiddush Hashem! G-ds chosen! Boom!Chag sameach!

I say amen to that!

Right now, while we see things around us that we hoped we would never see again, is it so important not to crawl away, but to show our trust in Hashem to humanity, and who we are, and most important from WHO we are and what we stand for!

And the picture I share now speaks for itself. Just JEW it!

This time I have a prayer request for you! Will you stand in agreement with me, that the doors will open,

to use my pen and my photos and my voice ( LORD RAPHA RADIO) to fight against antisemitism and most important to BUILD BRIDGES.

Gut Shabbes my dear Mispuche!

Thank you Rabbi and thank you Achoti.


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