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Shavua Tov Mispuche

Dear Mispuche,

Shavua Tov! May our week be filled with HIS presence.

May new doors open, and old ones closed.

May the letter you have been waiting for, arrive this week.

May the LORD Baruch Hu ve Baruch Shmo Blessed be He and Blessed be His Name, be with those, who are going through hard times.

Barchot ve Tefillot Blessings and Prayers.

If there are special needs, feel free to send a message to using the contact form, and we will intercede. Mouth is closed. For we fear the LORD and know that HE is THE ONE who entrusts us with this service.

D'Vorah Meijer. Reaching Out To Help Each Other.

Blue Hand Red Hand
Helping Hands

Reaching Out to Others Has a Greater Impact Than You'd Expect.

GUT SHABBES BELOVEDS, ♦🐝D'Vorah Pnina🐝♦ (דבורה) Meijer


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