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The Past Week Thoughts

Shalom Mispuche,

How has your week been?

I noticed during these past days, that G-d is really bringing things on the surface.

It is G-d's time to show the world what has happened in the past. And also to reveal things that allows us to stand and be firm in being Jews! My family tree showed forced conversions, and I found things ( Blessed be HIS Name) that makes me so glad and proud! I was an adult when I found out my roots. ( No Mispuche left) For example my aunt Juke turns out to be Judigje not Juke. And it means descendant of Judea! Keep the memories alive and thank HIM for this time where so much hidden is coming to the surface.

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Remember the Past, Transform the Future.

Gut Shabbes

Araceli Sernas

Gut - Erev- Shabbes everyone may it be a blessing!


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