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Becoming A Jew More Deeply

When I found out I am Jewish thanks to Hashem, after a twenty-year journey (perfect waiting period in a Hebrew perspective), all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Everything I had encountered in life in terms of hatred, not belonging, it took on a different perspective.

I had my Hebrew name declared legal through the courts and began using it openly.

But it's only since yesterday that things have become even more 'real'.

Proud Jewess
Proud Jewess

While Yochanan took the car through the car wash and gave it a quick cleaning inside, I wanted to have a drink at the coffee corner.

The tables were all empty, but in the hall there was a young man with a dog.

Now I love all animals, but dogs have a special place.

When I walked into the hall, he walked towards me, while happily wagging his tail.

As I talked to the owner, I continued to pet the dog. However, when the dog started jumping on to me, I politely asked the owner if he could make the dog stop, but the dog kept jumping. While I tried to calm him down with one hand by continuing to pet him, I explained to his owner that I am taking blood thinners, which invariably causes a large bruise with every bump or hard touch, which then also stays there, a long time.

Meanwhile, I saw the owner looking at my hand, where I was petting the dog with, and where I am wearing a bracelet with a Star of David, and also briefly at my necklace with a menorah and a small Star of David. His whole demeanor changed and his eyes became dark and hard. He started yelling at me accusing me that I've started petting the dog, so it was my own fault, meanwhile I tried to walk past him, but he stayed where he was. With pain and effort I managed to walk to a table and sit down. I couldn't get out because he was standing in front of the entrance with the dog and with a look on his face that I won't soon forget. There was no one else there. It was a small room, equipped with a vending machine with free coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The atmosphere was charged and he continued to look menacing as he blocked the entrance/exit.

Finally, I saw which I assume was his wife, arrived and he walked out. Where he put on a show in front of the window with the famous finger and so on. He also made it clear to his children that I was scum.

It has changed something, added something, which I can't really put into words yet. Can you become a Jew more deeply? Does that exist? At least that's exactly how it feels.

I am truly a proud Jewess.

D'Vorah Pnina Meijer



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