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The Ruach HaKodesh

Today, on Shabbes, we have been reading the Torah portion, as always.

I never ever read it in advance. And a second important thing to share is that I cannot remember where the scriptures can be found.

When we broadcasted Shammah, -our radioprogram about "THE WORD Of G-d" - all the guest we met in the studio, could in the middel of a conversation say, "in Psalm so and so, we can read that." Without looking it up in the Bible. -

On a certain moment I was so fet up with it, that I could never remember where a certain scripture stood, while I had a very good memory, I asked the Lord " WHY?"

And I will never forget His answer:

"So you will never doubt that what I give you really comes from Me, and not out of your own thoughts."

By that, the Lord meant that when I talk to someone or pray with someone, I can easily understand someone during the coaching sessions, and draw a conclusion from certain things someone tells me. Decude and combine. But the person who visits me also knows that I am A Servant from G-d, and they don't want a word or advice from me, but from G-d!

And so He gave me two blessings:

1. I can't remember where to find a certain text, let alone the word itself, but HE brings it into my heart.

2. People don't have to share too much, because even then I could easily connect things to each other and then deduce and combine them.

Yesterday I sent out a message about Moses and Deborah. And with it I shared the song of Deborah.

Today in the Torah Portion we read about Deborah and it ends with the song of Deborah.

When Yochanan red the Torah Portion this morning, ( silently for himself) he laught when he was finished. He did not tell me why...

Untill this afternoon when I had to read it out loud to teach out of Torah, as G-d has called me to do.

Because I trust HIM without a shadow of a doubt, I do not have to know which Torah portion is coming, nor to prepare myself as HE will lead me and opens my mouth.

Well, at the end of the Torah Portion, I had to read outloud the Song of Deborah!

In the years before I had my break, ( to sit at HIS feet again for a long time) I ministered worldwide. I never knew what I would speak about, HE would fill my mouth. One time, when I traveled to Belgium, The Bible fell on the floor of the car, while I saw the building in front of my eyes, where I had to speak. When I picked it up, it lay open on a certain scripture, and I heard HIM say: "This is the subject we will talk about today."

I learned to surrender when I had to sit in our bedroom, "face to the wall", for a long, long time. To read and to listen, to mediate and to pray. He kept me "imprisoned" for years, to learn to lay down my life totally and to trust HIM completely.

I have seen miracles. Twice a Hebrew text stood suddenly on my window.

We have heard the sound of thunder and rain, while it was not the condition people experienced outside, because the sun was shining.

Today He spoke to me and He confirmed what He promised to me such a long time ago.

Suddenly, but on the other hand, the prophetic servant He sent to me many years ago, and who gave me a word from G-d and had to anoint me, and who years later had to come again and do it again, recently sent me an e -mail, and again it was about the task the Lord has given me, and again it came right on time.

Why do I share this with all of you?

1. Well, first of all because the LORD wants me to share it.

2. And secondly, because for many of you, it is time, and /or to prepare or to stand.

But the focus needs to be: "Am I empty of self?"

"Can the Lord speak through me, without me, sharing my own thoughts?"

This time it is for real.

I have been sharing many prophecies about the end-time army of the Lord, ( under my worldly name)

Wave after wave will come, where we see suddenly new servants and new servant leaders, rising up out of the blue!

But I had to ask the owners of those websites to remove it, so my old name is really forgotten.

HE made it clear, on the other hand, that what had to be kept, is still there.

I also know, that some words I may have to re-send again.

Anyway, for those who know they have a ministry, a task, make ready, for suddenly those who have been prepared for such a long time, will come visible.

Also, or should I say, especially the ladies like in Tehillim 68. (as we can read the Ladie Evangelists)

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DezertoFloro Wisdom


(1925) (inf.) putting his gray brain cells to work and trying to reach a decision; to ponder, to ponder over something.

Song Of Deborah

Judges 5

Orthodox Jewish Bible

1 Then sang Devorah and Barak ben Avinoam on that day, saying,2 Barachu Hashem that the strong in Yisroel put forth strength, that the people willingly offered themselves. 3 Hear, O ye melachim; give ear, O ye rozenim (princes); I, even I, will sing unto Hashem; I will make music to Hashem Elohei Yisroel. 4 Hashem, when Thou wentest out from Seir, when Thou marchedst out of the sadeh Edom, Eretz trembled, HaShomayim poured, clouds also poured down mayim. 5 The harim quaked at the presence of Hashem, this Sinai before Hashem Elohei Yisroel. 6 In the days of Shamgar ben Anat, in the days of Yael, the roads were abandoned, and the travellers walked the byways. 7 The warrior ceased, they ceased in Yisroel, until I, Devorah, arose, I Em B'Yisroel arose. 8 They chose elohim chadashim when war was at the she'arim (gates); was there a mogen or spear to be seen among forty thousand in Yisroel? 9 My lev is toward the ones ruling in Yisroel, that offered themselves willingly among the people. Barachu Hashem. 10 Reflect, ye that ride on white donkeys, ye that sit on saddle blankets, and walk on the derech. 11 The voice of the singers in the place of drawing mayim, there shall they rehearse the Tzidkot Hashem, even the Tzidkot of His warriors in Yisroel; then shall HaAm Hashem go down to the she'arim. 12 Awake, awake, Devorah; awake, awake, break out in song; arise, Barak, and lead captive thy captives, thou ben Avinoam. 13 Then came down a sarid (remnant) to the nobles; the people of Hashem came down to me as gibborim. 14 Out of Ephrayim was their shoresh against Amalek; after thee, Binyamin, among thy people; out of Machir came down mekhokekim (law givers), and out of Zevulun they that hold the shevet of the sofer (scribe). 15 And the sarim of Yissakhar were with Devorah; Yissakhar was with Barak; he rushed at his feet into the emek. Among the divisions of Reuven there were gedolim chikkei lev (great searchings, indecisions of heart). 16 Why abodest thou among the mishpetayim (sheepfolds), to hear the bleatings of the flocks? Among the divisions of Reuven there were great indecisions of heart. 17 Gil`ad abode beyond Yarden; and why did Dan linger by oniyyot? Asher remained on the seacoast, and dwelt by his landings. 18 Zevulun and Naphtali were a people that risked their nefesh unto the death in the high places of the sadeh. 19 The melachim came and fought, then fought the melachim of Kena'an at Taanach by the waters of Megiddo; they took no plunder of kesef. 20 They fought from Shomayim; the kokhavim in their courses fought Sisra. 21 The Kishon River swept them away, that nachal kedumim, the Kishon River. O my nefesh, march on with oz. 22 Then were the ikvei sus (horse hooves) galloping, the prancings of hooves, the prancings of their mighty steeds. 23 Curse Meroz, said the Malach Hashem, curse bitterly the inhabitants thereof; because they came not to the ezrat Hashem, to the help of Hashem, against the gibborim. 24 Blessed above nashim shall Yael eshet Chever the Keni be, blessed shall she be above nashim in the ohel. 25 He asked mayim, and she gave him cholov; she brought forth curds in a noble's dish. 26 She put her yad to the yetad, and her right hand to the workman's hammer; and with the hammer she struck Sisra, she crushed his rosh, when she had shattered and pierced his temple. 27 At her feet he bowed, he fell, he lay down; at her feet he bowed, he fell; where he bowed, sham (there) he fell down dead. 28 The Em Sisra looked out through the chalon (window), and cried through the lattice, Why is his chariot so long in coming? Why tarry the wheels of his marekevot (chariots)? 29 Her chachemot sarot (wisest ladies) answered her, indeed, she repeats to herself her words, 30 Are they not finding and dividing the prey; to every gever a girl or two; for Sisra colorful garments as plunder, a plunder of dyed work embroidered, of divers colors of needlework on both sides, fit for the necks of them that take the spoil? 31 So let all thine enemies perish, Hashem; but let them that love Him be as the shemesh in its gevurah. And HaAretz had rest arba'im shanah.

If you feel the LORD wants you to contact me, I am on WhatsApp (appointment only) and you can write to or use the contactform on the website.

GUT SHABBES BELOVEDS, ♦🐝D'Vorah Pnina🐝♦ (דבורה) Meijer


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