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What's the Point of Complaining to G‑d?

Part One

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What's the Point of Complaining to G‑d?

♦🐝D'Vorah Pnina🐝♦ Meijer || Recognized -Jewish- *FaithBased* Coach || Contributing Writer|| Guest Lectures|| Motivator|| Building Bridges || Prophecy || Author|| April 30, 2023 May 4th it is exactly one year ago that we lost our Machanayim House and stood on the street. Yochanan and I tried to make the best of it. Many years ago, we came to a point that we both, truly wanted to do HIS will, and not ours. Being guided by HaShem and obey HIM and doing HIS will, in total surrender. Our hope was, that He could glorify HIS Name, so many could start to follow Him too. But today we reached a point where Yochanan was able to articulate how we are doing. And he cried out to G-d, how we feel and what is going on, and cried out "We followed You, died to the flesh, only YOUR will, but things have gotten worse instead of better!" as if he was begging G-d would look to the situation, through our eyes. It was like he was painting the picture how it feels here on earth, what we are going through. It was as clear as if a curtain was being opened, and the light of dawn was breaking. I sat quietly in the only chair we have, thinking about what exactly had happened. I have spoken to G-d, sometimes, about this entire situation, and I complained too, but I saw it more like, being honest to G-d as David writes: Psalm 32 Tehillim 32: 3 When I kept silent [i.e., refused to confess my sin, which was still naked and uncovered (see 32:1) and had no kapporah covering for my guilt before G-d], my atzmot wasted away through my groaning kol hayom (all day). 4 For yomam valailah Thy yad was heavy upon me; my strength was sapped as by the droughts of kayitz (summer). Selah. 5 I acknowledge my chattat unto Thee, and mine avon (iniquity) have I not covered up. I said, I will confess my peysha’im (rebellions) unto Hashem; and Thou forgavest the avon (iniquity) of my chattat. Selah. But this was different, as, like I just wrote, Yochanan was painting a picture for G-d to "understand" how it feels for us. As a husband he feels extra frustrated, because he also lost his job. And he wants to take care of us, and solve the matter. He has worked in the army as a sergeant, for many years, and he saw it as if there was trouble in the camp, and so he reported it to the the captain. And while I was pondering about everything, HaShem directed me straight to this article on


What's the Point of Complaining to G‑d? By Tzvi Freeman When Moses saw things backfired in Egypt, he complained to G‑d, "Why have you done bad to these people? From the time You sent me, things have gotten worse instead of better!" Didn't G‑d know that things had gotten worse? Isn't G‑d aware of what's going on in His world? Why does He need Moses to tell him? Response: G‑d sees all and knows all. But sometimes you need a report from down on the ground.

To read the full article click on the image I've added. To avoid copyright issues, I can't include it here in its entirety. But the essence is more than clear. And I dare to share that because HaShem took me to where so many articles can be found, but I immediately saw this one that specifically answered my question. Blessed be HIS Name.

Will Be Continued


♦🐝D'Vorah Pnina🐝♦ (דבורה) Meijer


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