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Come Home!

I discovered my Jewishness as an adult.

As a young girl, a German boy came to me and said:

"I have to tell this to you, I don't know why. I am ashamed of what my country has done to the Jews. I ask your forgiveness ."

So he sensed what I didn't know at the time... It's one of those moments that you NEVER forget!

It is so awesome, and moving that there is someone who recognizes something in you that you do not yet know, or no longer see.

Today I am determined by the following thing, someone, who no longer knows who he/she is.

And also doesn't know (anymore) that there is a Father who does know! And Who is calling you home, or perhaps calling you back HOME!


Prophetic word for someone, who feels alone, and doubts about everything.

G-d who is your Father, is calling you to return home.

Tehillim 36

56 (6) Thy chesed, Hashem, is in HaShomayim; and Thy emunah (faithfulness) reacheth unto the clouds.

67 (7) Thy tzedakah is like the great mountains; Thy mishpatim are tehom rabbah (a great deep); Hashem, Thou preservest adam (man) and behemah (beast).

78 (8) How precious is Thy chesed, O Elohim! Therefore the Bnei Adam find refuge under the shadow of Thy wings.

89 (9) They shall be abundantly satisfied with the abundance of Thy Beis [Hamikdash]; and Thou shalt give them to drink of Thy river of delight.

101 (11) O continue Thy chesed unto them that know Thee; and Thy tzedakah to the yishrei lev (the ones upright of heart).

111 (12) Let not the regel ga’avah (foot of pride) come against me, and let not the yad of the resha’im drive me away.

121 (13) There are the po’alei aven (workers of iniquity) fallen; they are thrown down, and shall not be able to rise.

910 (10) For with Thee is the Makor Chayyim (fountain of life); in Thy Ohr shall we see ohr.

Gut - erev-Shabbes for coming Friday and Saturday.


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