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Marianne Grandia 


Picture: Marianne Grandia

Healing Testimony 

My Story

Sudden Healing Of Cancer In The Year 2000

Marianne is a friend and was also with me during my illness!

Dear D’Vorah,

A long time ago, you asked me to put on paper my memories of the night when we thought you would be taken away from us. I felt it was the right time to do it.​

I was reminded of a night when I was sitting at the bedside of my (cancer-dying girlfriend).
Death had already made its appearance in the house; you could even smell it!
That smell has stayed with me for a long time. But in the middle of the night, there was a turnaround.
The smell went away; my girlfriend got warm, and the color returned.
Her husband and I could hardly believe what was happening!
A few hours later, she sat up in bed and even asked for food!​

When I went home in the morning, I got an image in which I clearly saw that she would not die but remain on earth. Her task was not over yet!

I was also told to call her husband and encourage him. Now, that was scary!! Did I dare? Death had (been) so close; she had already arranged her funeral herself and the dress she wanted to be buried in; I had personally washed it for her and was already ‘ready.’ Medically, it was unthinkable that she would survive. Nevertheless, I called him up in obedience to the Lord.


( I once did not do what I got on my heart once before and regret it to this day, so I did not dare to do that again ).​

I passed on my vision to her husband and told him honestly that I did it with great trepidation! But the image was not a deception; Sometime later, the doctors declared her cured. She doesn’t even have any “residual damage” from cancer. Photos and examinations also showed no trace of the heavy radiation treatments. What a miracle, huh!!!

” The way to The Light is through a detour.”

The words that emerge further from that night: “The way to The Light is through a detour.”

* ( On the way to my house Marianne got this word when she literally had to drive another route because of a roadblock.)

I saw you standing in front of a kind of gate (heaven gate) where your beautiful daughter stood waiting for you, with her red curls.

But I also saw that the path arched again, and you would come back to that gate much later after a big detour.

It was evident that you would still be here for a long, long time before you entered heaven. This is my memory of that night, and I thought it would be good to email this to you now!

Lots of love, Marianne


D’Vorah’s reply

Against the morning after the miracle happened, an acquaintance walked in, her name is Marrie, who cried out: “What happened to you last night?”​

Yochanan and I were silent… We only said, “You tell us!”

This woman then told us the following:
"In the middle of the night, I saw a vision, I did not dream, I was wide awake. I was driving with you in a car, and we were on our way to a cemetery! Once I arrived, in a sinister dark cemetery, I was looking for an open grave… Just when I found that and knew I had to put you into it, the whole cemetery lit up, and a loud voice said,” Get away from here, not the right place and certainly not the right time. “When I looked at my alarm clock, it was around the clock of 5.30"

How accurate is this story that Marrie told to us.

Somewhere in the morning, around half-past five, I sat up and asked for food!

After that miracle, I am still irradiated, but it did not help.
Cancer was still there at the end of the treatment; it had not changed a bit.
But the vision that I have seen myself (the LORD was covering my body while I was lying on the table) has come true.

The week after the treatments, where they decided to start a new therapy against all expectations, the cancer was suddenly gone, from one day to the next.

Not even any residual symptoms of the irradiation!
For THE LORD had covered me with His body, as He promised.

Before I was treated at Daniel Den Hoed, I saw an image on my Spirit's eye.
I was in a large, rather bare room. Lying on a black couch that was slanted in the middle of the room.
I was told to lie very still and everyone left the room.
But before the irradiations started, my LORD walked into the room and lay on top of me. His hands even covered my face. Then I was irradiated.

After the cancer cleared overnight, the doctor stated that my uterus and ovaries looked like I had never gone through any treatment. Everything looked like new. While I was told, IF we can save you, your uterus and ovaries will have to come out, and you will also have a stoma for your bowels and bladder. But what the spiritual picture had already shown me had become true, G-d had protected me and there was no trace to be found of the prolonged intense irradiations from within and without.

** The room I have seen on my spiritual eyes was exactly as it was in real.

The doctor asked me right before I would go through the different treatments if I had ever experienced cancer before and I said

"No. But I saw the room on my spiritual eyes where I will undergo radiation.

I told her the vision and how the room looked and she said " I want to show you something" She opened a door and said this is the "DIONE" ( Every radiation room had a different name)

" This is the room we reserved for you. It is EXACTLY what you described"
This testimony happened in the summer of 2000​

H͎a͎s͎h͎e͎m͎ ͎i͎s͎ ͎m͎y͎ ͎o͎z͎ ͎&͎ ͎z͎i͎m͎r͎a͎h͎ ͎H͎e͎ ͎i͎s͎ ͎m͎y͎ ͎"͎S͎a͎l͎v͎a͎t͎i͎o͎n͎"͎         D'Vorah Pnina Meijer (1).png
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