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 Your prayer support is highly appreciated

A Small Contribution Goes a Long Way**

**"". **"A small gesture can have a significant impact."

I am D'Vorah, a prophetic consultant and empowering coach committed to helping clients discover their true potential and purpose in life. 
I have been recognized by faith-based leaders, after many years of working in the field. Two of them gave me a honorary doctorates.
DD  given by Dr. Godwin and DTh  from Dr. Ojelade

As an experience-expert in many areas, I can offer clients valuable insights into their identity, relationships and career. Whether you are looking for guidance on a specific problem or want to deepen your connection with G-d, I can assist you,
by G-d's grace.
Also for businessmen, I may offer his wisdom also in case of disputes.
Let's work together to unlock your true potential.
I work on a donation basis because I have received HIS wisdom freely and need to share it freely. HaShem guides those who are allowed to contribute financially.

Beit-Zata has been officially verified by Payal as a charity.

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