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It Is The Darkest Before Dawn

After a wonderful Shabbat and a gathering to share the Torah portion, I know I need to change course.

Many people post on Instagram about the situation in our homeland.

Today I experienced that HaShem wants me to share messages that will build us up.

HIS love and wisdom, and passages from HIS word.

We have been through a lot - we do not live in Israel - and HE made it clear that it is time to blossom again. Because we lost our house and still live in a small bedroom, I didn't broadcast. But I hope to start with podcast messages as soon as we find a way to do that in peace and from a more comfortable situation.

For now, the message for anyone in a difficult situation, especially women, is: please read what the photo tells us! And I can confirm it!

The period before the promotion is the time when we are pruned

and before the arrow is shot, the bow shall be drawn, by drawing it all the way back.

But a breakthrough is coming! And the power you have is born from blood, sweat, and tears. But once "it" is born, you forget about the pain it has cost!

Be blessed and Shavua Tov! May it be a beautiful week for all of us!

D'Vorah Meijer


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