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The Honey Out of The Honeycomb

HaShem told me in 2007:

"MY WORD is sweet as honey, for those who died to themselves, but it is bitter to those who walk in their flesh!"

You can find the honey in the Lion of Judah!

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Bees swarm after their leader, while Jews if they want, are guided by the wisdom of the Torah and the prophets.

The sting of the bee is very painful and represents 'the bitter'.

But to learn to know Hashem and understand HIS word is also a period required, which can be painful for our carnal minds.

But the honey it produces is sweet, and so is the Torah: bitter to those who do not understand its ways, because they do not want to give up their own fleshly ways of thinking, and their control, but the honey is oh so sweet, for those who went through the process of dying to self.

And guided by Hashem, you can therefore grow spiritually.

A bee always collects pollen and nectar, just as the Jews may collect the nectar (the sweet) from the Torah, resulting in receiving the sweet fruit - the blessings - which are the result of following and obeying in complete surrender by HIS word and guidance.

And then they, in turn, can pass on the precious lessons learned to others.

Blessed be HIS Name.


Good Shabbos Beloveds.


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