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Shemot 15:2 The Eternal's strength and His vengeance were my salvation;
this is my G-d, and I will make Him a habitation, the G-d of my father, and I will ascribe to Him exaltation.

The LORD gave D'Vorah a word a long time ago:
Yeshayah 29: 18 And in that day shall the chereshim (deaf persons) hear the Devarim of the sefer, and the eynayim of the ivrim shall see out of obscurity, and out of choshech. 

And He made it clear that he would call her one day, to read out of His Word, and He would take care of the rest. 

( He will heal and restore.) ​​

At this page you see Hebrew Words saying "I Am that I Am  "it  is a common English translation of the Hebrew phrase
אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה‎‎ (’ehye ’ăšer ’ehye;)
pronounced [ʔehˈje ʔaˈʃer ʔehˈje])– also "I am who (I) am", "I will become what I choose to become",
"I am what I am", "I will be what I will be", "I create what(ever) I create", or "I am the Existing One".[1] The traditional English translation within Judaism favours "I will be what I will be" because the imperfective aspect in Modern Hebrew 
is normally used for future tense and there is no present tense with direct object of the verb "to be" in the Hebrew language.

Shema Israel Thy G-d Is One !

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