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Honey_Combe ( Sweet powerful words on the website)

Beit-Zata Beth Biri

House Of Mercy House Of My Creation 🎗️

Messages & Announcements 

baking bread
Yellow  Car ( To take the journey with me  as we seek in HIS word
Boy wearing a yarmulke/Keppel
Hide and Seek
LOGO Beitzata



The cracks of a broken world.
But we as Jews and our Homeland Yisrael
The lines represent also part of my divine calling.
Seeking connections, "building bridges" between the different groups. In memory of the "Kristalnacht"
         Night Of The Broken Glass 1938.

The Day Of New Beginnings

“Jews are a people of faith, not fate alone.
Jews are choosers, not victims; co-authors of their destiny, not swept by the winds of circumstance.”  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

These are my websites Both sites have an info company email address.
All other sites and email addresses claiming to be mine come from someone who is already effectively pretending to be me. Pray for this person who desperately needs help.

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