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baking bread


As sweet as the apple dipped in honey,
so sweet it is after I found my roots. 
Coming Home, both in my faith in HaShem,
and having a Homeland. 

Reading Torah and all the teachings that
brings us closer and closer to HaShem!
Torah is loaded with Divine secrets!
D'Vorah Meijer 

Boy wearing a yarmulke/Keppel

           Erev Shabbes

Shemot 31

16 Wherefore the Bnei Yisroel shall be shomer Shabbos, to observe Shabbos throughout their dorot, for a brit olam.

17 It is an ot between Me and the Bnei Yisroel l’olam; for in sheshet yamim Hashem made Shomayim and HaAretz, and on Yom HaShevi’i He rested (shavat, ceased working), and was refreshed.

Tehillim 118 

Open the gates of victory
Or “righteousness.” for me
that I may enter them and praise the L-rd.

This is the gateway to the L-rd
the victorious
Or “righteous.” shall enter through it.

Psalms 118  JPS, 1985

Hide and Seek
LOGO Beitzata


              The cracks of a broken world.
But we as Jews and our Homeland Yisrael
The lines represent also part of my divine calling.
Seeking connections, "building bridges" between the different groups. As there are, Jew and Christian, but also among the Jews with their diversity of backgrounds. In memory of the "Kristalnacht"
         Night Of The Broken Glass1938.

The Day Of New Beginnings

“Jews are a people of faith, not fate alone.
Jews are choosers, not victims; co-authors of their destiny, not swept by the winds of circumstance.”  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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